Saturday, August 14, 2010

An Extensive, Not Inclusive List Of Senior Services In Our Region

Seniors stood in line today at The Beacon Senior Center on South Fawcett Avenue in Tacoma for a delicious free meal. A voice boomed over the speakers in downtown Tacoma which reminded me and the Tacoma Fire Department of high school. "Keep your voices down!" said the person on the speakerphone. I wanted to leap to the microphone and announce who was prom queen, but I do employ good self control in situations like these, so I didn't do it. Hundreds of seniors were participating in Senior Citizen Appreciation Dance or SCAD. The event was presented by the City of Tacoma Senior Services- Human Rights And Services Department and sponsored by several local senior service agencies and area businesses.

I wove my way though the crowd and picked up some free information which I am happy to share with the community. I was careful not to block the oncoming throng of seniors coming in an orderly line to get their lunch. "Be sure not to stand in that aisleway," said two very nice Social Security Administration employees who then gave me a free new mouse pad for my computer. They told me quite gleefully that they are near retirement. They work across the hall from the law firm where I once worked fighting their disabilty claim denials. It always amazes me how well one can get along with the opposing team. You can find these nice SSA employees and others at: You will find information about disability, retirement, widow's, benefit amount, Medicare prescription drug coverage, replacement Medicare cards and information about how to sign up for or change your direct deposit information.

The AARP gave me a fan to cool myself with as I walked through and visited with vendors. Some of those vendors included the following:

Always Best Care Senior Services of Tacoma/Gig Harbor at 253-534-9596
Cascade Park Communities- memory care, assisted living and adult day health at: 253-475-3702 or
Certified Senior Advisor of Lakewood at: 253-534-9596 or
Puget Sound Health Partners at 1-866-789-7747 or
Crime Stoppers of Tacoma Pierce County at 253-798-4936 or the anonyomous tip line at: 253-591-5959
The YMCA of Pierce County with several locations at
The Healthways Silver Sneakers program at various locations at or 1-888-423-4632
The Korean Women's Assocation of Washington State at 253-535-4202 or
Cascade Park Gardens Memory Care at or 253-475-3702
Catholic Community Services of Western Washington at or 1-877-870-1582

Puget Sound Health Partners provided me, a very non-pill taking person, with a package of bandaids, towelettes, miralac (not even totally sure what that is to be honest) and Cedaphrin ( I really don't want to take this at all since I don't even know what it is).

My twenty minute jaunt through the Beacon Senior Citizens Service center was frought with the anxiety of thinking I might get trampled by those seniors patiently waiting in line for lunch. But I was not trampled and I have lived to provide you with some contact information. -Alison Whiteman


l said...

Hi Alison, I've enjoyed reading all of your posts on the "Gawker". The Ralph Seely story was particularly profound. I do so like your writing style.

Tacoma Gawker said...

Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment. I enjoy writing very much and it pleases me to hear I please anyone else. All three of my readers! LOL!

Jennifer said...

This is great. Seniors need to know there is a lot of resources available to them. I work for Brookdale Senior Living which is a huge corporation that operates over 500 senior living communities throughout the United States. I work at two of their communities. I am happy to have a career in which I help assist seniors with their transition into senior housing. Thank you for posting this information!