Monday, August 16, 2010

Support The Olympia Food Co-Op?

The following is printed on the back of a publication called "Works In Progress" a free newspaper available to all citizens wherever you can scrounge up a copy. On the back is a box which reads:

"On August 11 the Olympia Food Co-op's board of directors is hosting a free public comment forum on the recent decision to boycott Israeli products. Zionist groups from across the Puget Sound are planning to attend to sway our local vote. Make your voice heard! Join millions around the world who are saying NO to genocide. NO to racism and NO to the Israeli apartheid."

Well, it is clear this was planned to be a non-bias discussion, right? I mean saying there are "Zionist" groups planning to attend  is pretty open-minded, right?. I guess the Co-op doesn't want to deal with say the hungry folks right in Thurston County. Oh no, that is like way to close to these touchy feely liberals with a serious agenda. Furthermore, they donated their Israeli products that lined their shelves to local food banks. Well, how about donating some food to local food banks? How about some consistency in donations by sending the products to the Palestenians themselves?

How about you just pour yourself a big old bowl of mind your own business and stick to selling organic and locally grown produce instead of meddling in complicated and controversial affairs that you really don't care that much about? Or even know that much about? If you had hearts, co-op, you would be feeding local hungry people. There are a lot of them. -Alison Whiteman

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