Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pasado's Safe Haven A Sanctuary For Animals

Right here in the Pacific Northwest we have a sanctuary for animals who have all kinds of needs. It is Pasado's Safe Haven, named after the donkey who was harmed by human beings the details of which I am going to skip because I have not taken my anti-anxiety pill this morning.

Look, Pasaso's safe haven offers all sorts of services for animals to include free surgeries for people with documentation of public assistance and low cost for all others. They have spay stations all across the region. At the present time, we do not have these for people, although a decrease in indiscriminate breeding among people might not be a bad call, right? I am not going to take a stance on the right to life on this web site as I do not wish to get pelted with rotting fruits and vegetables. Let's stick to animals.

If you want more information about spaying and neutering, contact Pasado's at http://www.wesnip.org/ or 360-733-6459 or here: http://www.pasadosafehaven.org/  -Alison Whiteman

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Linda Medrano said...

Alison, this sounds like a marvelous organization. I had a brief love affair with a stray cat and then kidnapped him to take in to get neutered. The SPCA has a clinic that charges very little for the service. I take my own critters to a private vet because I want people who need the services to get them.

The stray cat bit my leg and I got blood poisoning, required two trips to the ER and massive doses of antibiotics IV.

I had to take the already neutered cat to the Shelter as the Vet at the SPCA said he had pneumonia and was very very old. My neighbor lady came over and said "That was my cat!" "How dare you?". Uh huh. No collar, no license and a poor little starved looking kitty. So much for good deeds.