Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello! Planned Parenthood Does Not Perform Abortions!

I don't know why I would try to have a civil and sane conversation with this group. I only got to ask one question before I was nearly shoved off the sidewalk. I asked one question: "Have you ever adopted a child?" I did not get to ask other imperative questions like the group's stance about abortion if a woman is a victim of rape or incest. I also didn't get to point out their protest in front of Tacoma's Planned Parenthood, an organization that does not perform abortions, makes no sense at all. -Alison Whiteman


NineInchNachos said...

people need to stand up to these idiots. see also:

Linda Medrano said...

Actually, in San Francisco they do perform abortions.

Tacoma Gawker said...

Linda- did not know that as they don't in Tacoma. Nachos- I will check it out.