Thursday, October 28, 2010

Please Forgive Me Allen Ginsberg

In honor of an independent film titled after Allen Ginsberg's infamous poem "Howl", I have written the following. This is for you Tacoma and nation.


I see the disturbed minds not necessarily of my generation destroying the election by a lack of needed therapy, medications, and rehab,
Dragging themselves with no regard for others through the streets of Tacoma and this nation at all hours in an angry state,
Devil like ambitions aching for a cure for what ails them with no real certainty as to what that might actually be,
With three-ringed binders containing dribble about our prosecutor's office not caring about the strangulation of women,
Beck baring all about his past consumption of alcohol and current obsession with rage at the machine like horror tactics,
Tea partiers with a terrible sense of grammar and spelling and mostly pale like the lily white founders of this fine nation,
Who continally get busted in some discussion perhaps about the Constitution and the separation of church and state,
Of which they know nothing and yet know plenty about once casting spells on others for reasons unfathomable,
Giving horrible speeches in places Martin Luther King once stood as if they are cloaked in his much needed and absent compassion,
Attack ads abundant in times when teenagers burn cigarette holes into sidewalks and talk cynically about a future job at Walmart,
Some still raising their collective voices above the fray to say, "Yes We Can!" countering Boehner's
"Hell No You Can't" -Alison Whiteman

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