Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Goodbye To Journalism 101, Hello To Voo Doo

A panel at The University of Colorado in Boulder is considering shutting down the school of journalism? Say it ain't so! Have we become so addicted to Facebook, Twitter and Texting that actual writing is going out of style? In 1984 I was admitted the the CU school of journalism. Instead, I came to the Pacific Northwest to major in Communications and then against the advice of my advisor, made my way over to the English department. Someone should have told me what unemployment is really like. Surely someone should have told me what writing for such low pay that you qualify for food assistance is like. Oh well. The probable demise of the journalism school strikes me as strange, but not as strange as the next story I read today.

Seventeen girls presumed possessed by the devil in Trinidad? Priests called in to get a probable voo doo hex off the girls who are all speaking in tongues? It's the Exorcist times seventeen. Did their heads twist around as well? When do we get to view the YouTube video? I cannot wait to see this one. Given the demise of at least one journalism school and perhaps many others to follow, I was surprised to read this story at all.

The Pierce County Auditor in Tacoma wears one latex glove, spends twenty minutes a day at a shredder and shouts at employees one day and says he has found God the next? He sounds like my editor at my former newspaper in Colorado Springs who sang show tunes one minute and screamed at the reporters within minutes. I don't recall anything about God coming out of that editor though. Maybe we needed priests in the newsroom to get the hex off of him. It's voo doo all around lately. -Alison Whiteman

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