Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monday November 29th At Noon Pacific Standard Time

Dear Friends,

Literally. This was started at the Friend's Meeting (unstructured Quakers) this morning at about eleven thirty in Tacoma, WA. A small group of us eating waffles and discussing the state of the world decided to start a peaceful revolution. We have decided that as many people as possible need to breathe as deeply as possible at noon Pacific Standard Time on Monday November 29th. Why would we suggest this? Well, read on.

Breathing is underrated. In this culture of speed, texing, Facebook, cellular phones, consumption and general stress we forget the simpliest of things. Breathing, drinking fluids, eating right, etc. We believe this could catch on sort of like "Hands Across America" caught on in the 1980s. And we're not claiming it will make a tremendous difference nor change anything. As we sat eating waffles and then breathing inbetween bites though, the five of us felt better. And a good thing is no one choked either. There were more people at the meeting this morning than the five of us, but there are several tables at the meeting house. We didn't have time to share this with the entire group.

So, it's a simple thing really. Take a deep deep breath and pull it to the bottom of your lungs. Do it several times. Change your world. Then, in a state of relaxation, change the world around you. Light One Candle Rather Than Curse The Darkness (Amnesty International). -Alison Whiteman (just the messenger for the message)


Linda Medrano said...

Very nice! I'm going to do it and it doesn't matter if I'm not a Quaker.

Tacoma Gawker said...

No one has to be a Quaker to breathe deeply! But the funny thing is noon passed and I forgot about what I wrote. Ha ha ha! I was coming from a city meeting and on to an errand. Silly me.