Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let's Get Real About Christmas!

Dear Friends,

It's Sunday December 26th and we survived. It's the time of year we have gathered with those we rarely see and some we do, and we all have to just shut up about whatever is bothering us unless you have early onset dementia, frontal lobe dysregulation or are simply a canterkerous asshole.

Gifts are exchanged or not depending on one's employment or public assistance status. Paper is thrown everywhere and trees sigh in the forest. Alcohol is abundant usually and someone is either monitoring someone's consumption or overconsuming themselves.

The underachieving member in the family entangled with the legal system again expresses grandiose ideas about his future. "Donald Trump made a ton of money, so can I!" It's career number ten for that person who laments the legalization of drugs lest his source of underground revenue is taken from him.

Pets are hiding from all the little kids running around scaring the crap out of them. People make snide remarks directed at one another designed to get them in line but really eyes are rolling which makes it hard to take good pictures. The teens are sneaking out to smoke pot and they think no one notices the stench around them when they return. Or they spray themselves with some stinky chemical that chokes you and makes you stand several feet from them.

But hey, it's family and we love them. Who else would dare to put up with this? Or each other? Cheers! -Alison Whiteman


MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I'd never heard of frontal lobe dysregulation until today. I think I might have it. That, or I ate too much sugar over the holidays.


syrVIV said...

we have syrVIV - ed, alison.

syrVIV - ed... by the skin of our teeth (eww! gross!!!)

we've almost made it through 2010... i think i can, i think i can...

love you, shar