Monday, June 27, 2011

You Want A Picture Of My Brain?

I appreciate the top notch care I might get during this first major flare of MS in eleven years. I say might get because first I have to get my medicaid transport back. I am not even sure that is possible because of all the recent budget cuts.

Today I got a call from Swedish asking when I am available for another MRI. This would be my fourth MRI since 1998. I said I had one in 2010 and doubt Medicare will pay for another one. "Oh, we will let you pay that off in installments." Oh no! I am not paying you for a picture of MY brain!

I don't even know if we need to take a picture of it as much as get the flare to go away. I won't take steroids and they know that. I won't take painkillers either. I swear I might have been able to give birth without any drugs I am so pain tolerant. I will never know, thank goodness. I did not have kids and I am not starting now.

Swedish is welcome to have my brain when I am done with it. I will have it put on ice with a fresh slice of lemon. It will be nothing like the brain of a famous person, just a woman who managed to get by somehow. If it helps to find the cure, assuming the cure is not found within my lifetime, I don't mind.

It's only a brain. -Alison Whiteman


Neonsafari said...

The only advantage I can see of the MRI is to determine how well your medication is working for you. No new active lesions, then your treatment is working well and perhaps any deficit that you are experiencing is secondary. If there is new activity, then perhaps it is time to find a different treatment. Other than that, for the cost, I wouldn't see any hard pressed reason to do the MRI.

Tacoma Gawker said...

Wise comments. I talked to a social worker today who said the cost would likely be covered. I am willing to do it if this is put in writing. I don't want to get a several thousand dollar bill I cannot pay. And I need to research the damage done by these MRIs. I think it is minor, but I need to think that through as well. First step is getting transporation via medicaid. I cannot drive that long a distance without assistance due to fatigue. I can make shorter trips and am doing well in that regard. Take Care! Alison