Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Psychometry- A Thriving Business?

I stumbled across this business card today. It reads as follows:

"Psychometry is a psychic ability in which a person can sense or 'read' the history of an object by touching it."

Well, sure. I think however, a company that just fled the city of Tacoma has this down via a much more scientifically proven method. It's called fingerprinting. In fact, I read an entire very long article about this in The New Yorker last summer.

Famous paintings by artists that have not been identifed are now being traced via fingerprints. However, I would challenge anyone to try to pry my last few dimes from me by informing me that the origin of my say, well, dishes come from ancient Egypt. Actually, this is a clever way to make money. It is probably made under the table tax free. Oh well. Again, this is not my problem. -Alison Whiteman

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