Thursday, July 7, 2011

This Is All True

Dear Readers:

There is a Congressional mandate requiring the federal government to hire the disabled. There is no mandate to retain disabled employees.

In 2001 I was hired as a token disabled employee by the feds to answer questions about social security benefits. It took them three months to train us to even figure out how to figure out how to answer those questions. All of this for thirteen dollars an hour plus benefits.

The building we were in was reportedly used to store Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. I wondered why I was having such bizarre shaking episodes. I thought I had a seizure disorder, but this was not confirmed by any testing done at the University of Washington. However, there were just a lot of people who got sick all the time in this building.

My union representative would not speak to any press about the Agent Orange. He also told me to hang in there because I would likely get fired for any reason because the feds just hate the disabled even though they are required to hire us. I hung in there.

September 11, 2001 happened while I was there. I have never seen a group of people flee in terror like that day. The next day was eerie. Someone had hung a huge banner over the freeway overpass that read: "Don't Tread On The USA." Someone had gone around the facility where I worked and placed an American flag in every single cubicle in the place. I mean, probably a thousand flags. The next day, I put a British flag appropriately under the American flag.

My supervisor asked me what country that flag was from. I said, "Uh, England. You know, our major team player in World War II?" Duh.

I found another MS patient on the employment chopping block. We were slightly distressed but holding the line until management ran us both out. Well, I had to be transported out. After being chased down and grabbed numerous times by my extremely large supervisor, I seriously had to be transported out by some EMTs. I had had enough. The shaking episodes stopped.

My former union representative has reportedly gone out on a medical retirement for a seizure disorder.

I think they are still hiring. Check it out. If you like shaking a lot. -Alison Whiteman

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