Saturday, July 2, 2011

Volunteering In The Broke City Of Tacoma

Well, I did a Public Records Disclosure Request to find out how much the Eastside Advisory Council volunteers receive to do their work. Keep in mind, a lot of great work has been done. McKinley Park is very nice now and clean.

Other parks are nice and clean. At the end of any day, this makes our community a cleaner place to live.

Since 2006, this council has received, according the Excel spreadsheet I have received from the city, $91,100 in city funds for their "volunteer" work. If anyone would like to explain to me why it costs $91,100 dollars to "volunteer" then anyone is welcome to explain this to me.

My next question might be where all that money is spent. The actual volunteers who go out with no funds to do the cleanup work are not paid. So where is the money going? I suppose some of it could be to purchase plastic bags to collect trash and things like that. However, I get those plastic bags for our family at the dollar store. Why doesn't the city buy things at the dollar store, or do they?

I am on this. Someday. Perhaps. Or maybe not. I don't want to find anything else out about why our city is "broke." I guess I am so self-centered, I wonder how I can figure out a way to make $91,100 in city funds to "volunteer." Oh well. -Alison Whiteman

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