Sunday, August 7, 2011

Before My Mum Had Her Own Business, She Made Barbie Clothes

I grew up with a thougtful mum. I still have the little clothes she made for my Barbies. The Barbie on the left is from the Sunshine Family collection. Mr. and Mrs. Sunshine were total hippies. Mom knit an appropriate hippie outfit for her. The Barbie to the right is quite a bit more high maintenance. I am not into high maintenance. The most beautiful women I have ever seen are ones who wear very little makeup. You can generally find them at any hippie festivals or an outdoor hiking venture. They don't pay to have their nails done, hair dyed or anything. I like real. So obviously, the flat footed Mrs. Sunshine is my favorite Barbie to this day. I also have a doll in a box named Wheelchair User Becky. She was discontinued by the manufacturer because people found her offensive. I find that astounding in this day and age. I think people can just be flat out mean and bizarre.

I was quite the nerd in high school. I preferred spending Friday nights with my mum than football games and definitely did not like parties that involved alcohol. I played varsity tennis and ran on the long-distance team for a year. I also was on the yearbook staff, wrote for the local daily newspaper, spent hours in the photography lab, read tons of books and went to church. I wrote silly poems and rode my bicycle to the wealthy area of my hometown of Colorado Springs wondering what it must be like to live a house that huge. Meanwhile, my mum and my dad slogged away at self-employment and paid a ton of taxes for doing so. I was a spoiled kid really. I belonged to The Colorado Springs country club. My tennnis coach beat Billy Jean King at Wimbledon one year but gave up tennis to get married. She was a tough but kind coach. I had braces and medical coverage. I have affinity for small business owners and increasing disdain for large overpaid government officials. I have never been anti-government, I just want government that works for small businesses and innovative people. Thanks mum and dad. I know you suffered working all those hours. I hope you know I appreciated all the work you did to make my life better. -Alison Whiteman

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