Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Positive Comment About A Shift In Teen Clothing

I went to the mall today. First, there was no SWAT team exercise. That was a good thing. Second, I noticed clothing styles are changing. Specifically, skanky clothing for teenage girls is going away. A nice conservative trend seems to be coming into place.

I hope this means we are going to stop showing shows like "Sixteen And Pregnant" and "Teen Mom." I am tired of the exploitation of girls and boys who ought to be studying, not making babies. My sympathy level for pregnant girls is quite low. I feel for the parents particularly in a time when resources to care for these children are going away. I actually have some hope for America based on the shift in clothing.

Perhaps I am being too optimistic. I just hope this trendy trend to have babies as teenagers ends. I never had a baby. I have never even been close to having one. I knew it would be too hard for me. People ask me if I am sorry about this. Are you kidding? Everyone I know who has had kids but for a few say it was a kind of a nightmare.

I think the elderly woman I cared for last summer said it best. "You did not have children?" she said, "well, I don't know whether to say sorry or congratulations." Her four children rarely visit her and when they do, it's to borrow money. She's eighty-one years old! One of them is in a state management level position! It is quite evil of her to take money from her elderly mother. My former client ought to get into her scooter and mow those four children down flat like a pancake. Kids, meh. I like to spend time with other people's kids. They can lie to me all they want about how great it is. I know the truth. (Okay, not all kids are so bad, just the majority of them)-Alison Whiteman

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