Friday, September 16, 2011

Charismatic Men Are Red Flags!

An Education

How many times must women learn the same lesson? He seems amazing at first, but after a whirlwind tour, you find out you've lost yourself and been wrapped up in a web of lies.

Set in the 1961 in Britain, sixteen-year-old Jenny must choose between charisma and a chance to attend Oxford University. I am not sure but I suspect a vast majority of women have made this mistake at some juncture in their lives.

I made my mistake in the spring of 1986 when I left The University of Puget Sound to chase what I thought was love. I spent a miserable semester in Lincoln, Nebraska and was quite literally unable to keep food down I was so out of place. I also discovered the love of my life was not, in fact the love of my life and to this day he remains the love of no one's life. What drove us apart ultimately though was my intense disdain for Ayn Rand's bizarre philosophy. We fought over the phone about Rand and I ended the relationship. He has never married, never had children, and once bragged to me about being with dozens and dozens of women. He follows her philosophy of all for one and one only to a tee. I am completely unlike him and have been my entire now half lived life.

I escaped with what matters the most. I escaped with my soul. I came back to a place I love. The Pacific Northwest with its fog and water, islands and writers is my home. The large trees and mountains ferries and seagulls make it my home. I love soggy days when my feet sink into the mud or get sucked into the mud. I love slugs and green grass at Christmastime and snow melting leaving sprigs of green grass poking through the white. I loved studying English Literature and Writing and getting my degree at The University of Puget Sound. I graduated just slightly off schedule. I graduated in the summer of 1988 versus the spring of 1988. I was on campus today for Homecoming weekend. I live within fifteen minutes of the campus that was and remains my home. -Alison Whiteman

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