Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hooray for Becky, The Retiring Assistant For Gov. Gregoire

I would highly recommend not ticking off a disabled unemployed constituent. However, Becky, who answers the telephone in Olympia, Washington basically told me she does not care about anything anymore because she is retiring. She didn't exactly say that, but she did say she is retiring.

My response to this was atrocious. I said, "Oh you think you are retiring until the state goes broke and you have no retirement funds." Becky hung up on me. However, after a seven hour battle to get transport to medical appointments I am unable to drive to due to a flare of my multiple sclerosis, my transport was approved. This makes it the second time my transport is approved. I got approved, then not approved, then approved. Oh thank you State of Washington. I think our state has been mismanaged into the ground and perhaps below the ground into some kind of dysfuctional coffin. Our schools are a shamble. The programs that have been slashed pertain primarily to people or children with disabilities.

As long as my fingers still work, I will not try to stop this trainwreck. Becky, congratuleffinglations on your retirement. However, you have some bad karma now. I have no idea if my half dozen calls to her made any difference in my being approved or not. I just know I did get approved. I did note Becky did not respond when I said I know she gets paid more to answer the phone and thwart constituents more than teachers get paid. She just hung up on me. Give Becky a call. I hope she is six or more months out from her retirement. Let's make her last days her best days. Her number is: 360-902-4111.

I wish more public officials would just realize it is best to work with Alison than tick her off. I guess I must not be that well known yet. -Alison Whiteman

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