Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lip Service Volvo Liberals

This is a classic Volvo, not really the ones driven by lip service liberals in high income neighborhoods who work in high paying jobs. I want to talk about lip service liberals.

Lip service liberals talk about racism, but never talk to people who are different than they are.

Lip service liberals don't volunteer at local food banks or serve food at missions. Many of them are highly educated but unemployed because quite frankly, they have interest to live off of from their trust funds. 

Lip services liberals put their kids in private schools with trust fund money and don't have to send their kids to the public school because they had no students loans to become who they are.

A lip service liberal drives her Volvo with her kids to a gas station, sees a homeless person and flees in a panic because she does not realize that statistically, lawyers are more dangerous than homeless people. In fact, the homeless are more likely to get injured or killed than a lip service liberal.

Yes, I am a little angry about this. My brother is not a lip service liberal. He adopted four children. Two of them are not caucasian. I mean, four children! He and his wife have cared for four children, two who will need group homes for the rest of their lives.

Damn be to the lip service liberals who are likely getting manis and pedis or talking about how they are going to get their kid into the best pre-school. -Alison Whiteman


jenny said...

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Tacoma Gawker said...

Thank you Jenny. I like the comments with the ads that come with them. I don't know why.