Thursday, September 29, 2011

My History Of Closed Head Injuries

Whiplash - Traumatic Closed Head InjuryUh, ouch!

1989: A man in a large station wagon failed to yield and turned left. I was going straight down Pacific Avenue in Tacoma and when we hit, the impact was so hard it broke his axle. Both of our cars were a total loss. He got the citation for failure to yield. It hurt a lot, but I still went to a gathering to honor the priests shot in Central America that day. I sure did.

1991: A drunk driver hit me on Highway 101 near the Black Lake exit in Olympia, WA. He was fish tailing in his 1979 Ford pick up truck going about fifty miles an hour. Major, major ouch!

2011: Paratransit Services managed to delete me from their system so my transport to Swedish Neuroscience was denied. It takes six months to schedule and appointment with my neurologist. I decided to be superwoman and get there by express bus, a transfer and a train ride home. I hit my head on the luggage bar in the train due to MS fatigue and lack of balance. It's a hollow bar. I recommend testing it for say pitch. Perhaps it is some kind of unintended tuning fork for musicians. Uh, major ouch!

Nurse Ratchet at the ER today lectured me about using the ER for something unnecessary. Due to the pain level and her patronizing bullshit, I got mega snarky. She told me I am irresponsible. I tried to explain the unlikelihood Paratransit would get me up the freeway to my University of Washington doctor that I see for a number of reasons not excluding I am in a clinical trial at The University of Washington. Given Paratransit's history of approving me, denying me, approving me, wiping me out of the system, perodically actually helping me, I decided to get myself to the ER.

Fortunately it is a closed head injury versus something worse. However, I have this bruise moving down my head to my eyebrow and the prediction is my eye might turn black. Nurse Ratchet, you major beeeoootttchhhh! As for the rest of the staff, I commend you on the amount of kindness you showed me today to make her seem like spec of sand in a sea of kindness. -Alison Whiteman

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