Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tina Fey And Her Book "Bossypants"

Click to view full size imageTina Fey is one of the most hilarious women to ever live. I thought the poet Dorothy Parker was hilarious, and Parker certainly is hilarious with her snarky poetry that was far ahead of the curve of the women's movement.

Tina Fey's book "Bossypants" is so funny it makes you laugh until it  tightens your abs. The descriptions of how women are supposed to look and how cultural norms shift are totally spot on. It starts with girls who read too many magazines and buy into air brushed expectations which continue into the adult lives of women. I hope to see the day women collectively refuse to purchase such magazines and certainly redefine what is beautiful in our culture. I hope to live to see the day when nose jobs and plastic surgery on faces disappear.

Fey had her face slashed by a stranger when she was a young girl. The ongoing odd comments about her scar are just that: bizarre. She handles this with such grace and total humor. For me, it's how I am learning to handle bizarre comments if I used a disabled parking space or cane because I have MS. If someone says I don't look sick enough to have a cane, I have learned to simply say "thank you." If I get screamed at by some ignorant shopper if I park in a disabled space, I just keep walking. If someone wants to know why I have disability I just say, "I have a disability." If I say I have multiple sclerosis, people most often think I am one of Jerry's kids. Worse, they want to know what MS is. Explaining MS is so hard I think it is not worth my valuable time. If they truly want to know, which they generally do not, I refer them to the National MS web site and just move along.

MS is an energy robber. I don't have the energy to explain it. In fact, I am not going to explain it anymore unless I get paid to explain it. I am important and I am tired of wasting my time. At my age, I don't have a ton of time left. Tina, I applaud you for making a very nice life for yourself and for making so many people laugh. In times like these, we certainly need to laugh. You are the pro, Tina. -Alison Whiteman

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