Friday, October 28, 2011

Making Fun Of Someone's Suicide, How Low Can A Company Go!

Hello Sylvia...She was one of America's most talented poets. She became and an exile to England and married a Ted Hughes, one of the most pathetically talentless poets to roam the earth.

His philandering combined with her struggle with her mental health led her to kill herself by taping a room shut and filling it with gas.

Near his death, Ted Hughes published one of the most pathetic and horrible books of poetry ever and it this book he exploits Plath again. He was not just a philandering man, but one who abandoned his own children to pursue other women. Now this company dares to sell this on a t-shirt.

As one who has read all of her work and even tried to read her journals, though they were so indicative of her mental illness I could not finish them, I find this just despicable and indicative of how far the culture has not come in understanding neurobiological disorders.

Had Ms. Plath had the medications we have today and a support system to help her realize Ted Hughes was nothing more than philandering bastard with one-tenth her talent, we would not have lost her nor her work. She was only thirty at the time of her death. She left behind two children.
sylvia plath
Sylvia Plath on a brighter day in her life with her children.


Dr. Cynicism said...

That's what companies do -- they go low. Doesn't say much for our future, does it...

Tacoma Gawker said...

No it does not say much about companies nor the culture.

Advocates for the disabled are trying to remove language creating stigma since mental illness is the number one illness in American culture (likely due to the culture itself).

We might see a shift someday. Hopefully. AW