Monday, October 3, 2011

Time With Friends And Family Versus Television

When I lived alone, I gave away my television. It was not a very big television and none of the places I lived in prior to moving into the house I currently live in were very large.

I liked not having a television. It's a noise box with weird shows on it. I think the shows are getting increasingly weird. It could be my age, no, the shows really are weird. I think they reflect total social breakdown and the demise of the family.

As a culture we celebrate shallow appearances (Keeping Up With the K's), pregnant teenagers (Teen Mom and Sixteen And Pregnant), the prison industry (Locked Up in various states), COPS (almost constantly on our television), violence (so many violent shows I cannot name them all), compulsive shopping (QVC runs all day long and all night long), An addiction to drama (The Lifetime Channel for Women implies all men are stalkers and sociopaths new to town  and female teachers are diabolical), and we insist that appearances mean everything as dictated by adherence to current fashion trends (What Not To Wear).

I say toss the television or watch far less television and return to a time of outdoor games with kids, board games, walking in the woods, walking in general, anything but hours spent in front of the box. In addition to all the shows I have named, television has been proven to make structural changes in the brain and cause addiction much like alcohol or drugs. In Sweden, the television is not even on for as many hours a day as children in this country watch it. -Alison Whiteman


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Anil Kumar said...

television, friends and family can go along but then you have to compromise with your happiness.

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