Friday, November 4, 2011

The Murray Morgan Bridge Will Have An Elevator!

Breaking news! For those of you who have not had the absolutely flat out terrifying experience of climbing the massive number of stairs to the top of Tacoma's infamous Murray Morgan Bridge, the City of Tacoma has plans for an elevator!

One day families will not be able to terrify children afraid of heights by taking them up the seemingly endless staircase. One look down and it's your mortality staring right back up at you from the depths.

I did extensive research via Wikepedia to find out the bridge was built in 1913. It took five minutes out of my life to do this research. Once called the 11th Street Bridge, it was renamed after historian Murray Morgan. But get this! Wicked-a-Pedia only mentions Morgan's infamous book called "Skid Road" which is about Seattle! Tacoma gets shafted again via Wicked-a-Pedia! What about all his books discussing the extensive history of Tacoma?

We have a plan for you, oh Wicked-a-Pedia. You must come here and climb the stairs to the top of the bridge in one swoop thirteen times with a black cat crossing under a ladder for extra bad luck for shafting us in your little blurb. Actually, we don't know who wrote the blurb on the page about our bridge, and I am just too lazy to find out. If you want to find out, have at it! Meanwhile, Tacoma remains forever bitter about the rail lines that landed in Seattle versus Tacoma. But heck! We are getting an elevator! Who knows when, as no one knows, but it's in the works. -Alison Whiteman


Anonymous said...

Those stairs were part of a regular exercise routine for many at lunch time. Oh the wonderful challenge of those stairs. We miss them greatly.

And to mention the fear of heights, our colleague did conquer her fear with great satisfaction!

Tacoma Gawker said...

I am not sure if the stairs have been taken down or not. The people at city hall make a lot of plans but they are so bankrupt I am never sure what is going on in the town. I left Tacoma about two months ago. In fact, I need to change the title of this blog.