Monday, December 5, 2011

Why Occupy Tacoma Should Move To The UPS Campus

Look, I love The University of Puget Sound. For weeks now though, I have been driving past "occupy Tacoma" tents placed on the corner of Pacific Avenue and near a freeway pass. I think it's time to go high end, occupiers.

I am the ninety-nine percent. Don't let my fancy degree in English that leaves me bereft of job skills fool you, see that building in this picture? The financial aid office is in that building. I spent a considerable amount of time on my knees begging for more grants, loans, scholarships and just plain pity to make it through four years at this overpriced university. It was also a great place to protest investments in South Africa. UPS was the last university in the state to divest from South Africa.

It's a lovely setting for a protest. Besides the gorgeous buildings, it IS the one percent! The brochure touts the diversity of the student body. Trust me, there is no diversity. I have been there recently and it's about as white as a spilled can of Martha Stewart base coat for your house walls. It's also in the most expensive neighborhood in the city.

Besides all of these reasons, tents would look good on the grounds of the university. The food in the rotunda is excellent and perhaps some students would donate some of their funds to feed the occupiers.

Most interesting to me is what one professor refers to as "the tomb of the unknown donor." This stonehenge like structure sits just past and to the left of the main building in this picture. I think that would make an excellent space for a tent. Go ahead, test the current administration. Tell them it's time to give back to the community. Occupy "U" Pay Us. Occupy the One Percent. -Alison Whiteman


CatJeter said...

Love the thoughts and ideas, Allison. Thanks for the support at 21st & Pac, too. Your suggestions are wonderful and I like the idea of "cost of education" protests. Unfortuntely, UPS is private ground and we won't get a single tent stake into the ground before the police show up to evict us based on tresspass. We will have no "public space/free speech" defense. I certain empathize with your situation. I have about $45,000 in student loans that I am working off without a job.

Tacoma Gawker said...

I am sorry to hear of your debt. I graduated with 10K in debt and was able to work some of it off until I got MS. I know UPS is a private school so I wrote this in a satirical way. The amount of debt students take on now is just unbelievable. Take Care!