Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting Bad Career Ideas From Television Shows

view galleryPardon the blurry picture posted on this blog. I could not pull one off the "Project Runway" site that came out clearly.

Some young people have been scaring me lately. They scare me because some of them are never going to be able to leave their parent's basement. I recently could not figure out why one young person informed me she was going to go to school to "sew things." I said, "Really? You are going to be a seamstress?" She said, "No, I am going to sew things other designers have designed. I am going to go to school to learn how to do this." This sounded flat out bizarre.

Then there I was, bored off my rocker flipping through a myriad of boring cable channels. I saw this show called "Project Runway." In five minutes or less I figured out where this young person got such a career idea. While camped out watching a huge flat screen television in her parent's basement she has been watching this show. She actually thinks there is a career out there for her doing this work. Well, I hope she likes factories in China or flying to New York City to compete with top of the line designers like Ralph Lauren to do this work.

I guess what I am trying to say is that some young people have incredible delusions about life based on television shows. Furthermore, if you could actually see the design of this dress, you would wonder where on earth a person would actually wear it. Here are some places one would not wear it: working at a fast food place; the take out counter of some low end restaurant where one aspires to be a waitress; an office; school or even most parties. It concerns me that this young woman will be living in her parent's basement for the rest of her life.

Then again, it delights me this is not my daughter. I would pray I had produced a child with an IQ over 70 had I chosen to be a mother. Had this not happened to me, I might be looking at leaping from a large bridge. Thank God none of this is my problem. I have enough problems. Seamstresses, by the way, make less than 20K a year. That is enough to get you out of your parent's basement assuming you live with two or three other people. I bet all of them would be fighting over the remote to the flat screen television. AW

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