Thursday, February 2, 2012

Century Link is a Corporation and a Person

Century Link, taking us back a century
My call to New York City today was a near system failure.

Century Link was once Qwest as is noted on my modem. It was a simple call. I dialed and a recorded voice said, "There is no need to dial a one before this number."

I did the right thing because I always listen to recorded telephone voices. If I answer a call from a recorded voice after a ten second delay alerting me to a fabulous new credit card offer or an opportunity to refinance our house, I am on it! Thank you to all recorded voices!

I dialed the number again and a paralegal at a Tacoma law firm answered the call. I said I had no idea how I was routed to a local law firm while trying to reach New York City.

I quickly ended this call because paralegals are slammed with too much work. There is one attorney for approximately every 250 residents in this nation. We are suing and suing and suing! Leave the paralegals alone because the trial lawyers are golfing and networking with their fraternity brothers or fishing for more lawsuits. Lawyers are people too despite what the other 249 residents of this nation might think.

I decided to call an operator. Lest you think it was an outsourced operator, it was not an outsourced operator, but an American. She said, "I am a local operator. You need to dial zero zero for a national operator." I then asked her if there is a charge for dialing zero zero." She replied, "I don't know. You will have to ask the national operator." I said, "but then I might get charged." This back and forth discussion was a bit like a international ping pong match in China.

The local operator told me to speak to her supervisor. The supervisor said she didn't think ther was a charge for dialing zero zero, but I would have to ask the national operator. I asked her why she did not know this information. She said, "I am a supervisor in a local area." Then, to be sure I asked her what company she worked for. She stumbled on her words. She was unsure. I asked her how she could go to work daily and not know who she works for. Finally she said, "Century Link." This gave me the giggles. "Oh Century Link, a compay that has knocked me off the internet more times than I can count the number of cousins in my family, you are amusing! Have a nice day!"

My attempt to call a friend in New York City was finally a success. I spoke to my once local friend about books. It was a fabulous and interesting conversation. Well, victory for me! -AW


Anonymous said...

Kind of a funny story but sad in the same that the opporators of the local were so confusing or was it just amusing? Anyway, my name is Rich & I am part of the Centurylink Help Team that works with our clients through many social media venues and forums. I would like to offer assistance with your internet connection. Please email me or submit your account information, address, contact details here:

Centurylink Help Team

Tacoma Gawker said...


Thank you for your response. Initially it was confusing. Then I turned it into amusing.

The technicians have always been able to help me and I thank you for this. Since I rarely had this problem when I lived in another part of town, I assume this is an issue in this part of town. I just don't know. However, since I have been with this company for approximately 15 years, I will continue to use your services for now. -AW

Tacoma Gawker said...

fjdfdfjdfjdsfjdf;flads right back at you anonymous. LOL