Monday, February 13, 2012

Coca Cola, my addiction, and Hitting the Street Pole

She's quite slim for drinking this.
Coca Cola is addictive.

It is also true I once looked just like this model, but now you know I am lying. I have never looked like her, don't want to look like her, and quite frankly, I bet she doesn't even look like her whoever she probably isn't.

This is not the point of this blog. The following is not the point of this blog. Please do keep reading if you would like to do so.

I was addicted to Coca Cola. Without a sponsor, I am finally cleared of this addiction. The reasons for my addiction and those of millions or billions of us on this planet are quite clear.

A website spells the reasons for an addiction to Coca Cola.

During the first 10 minutes after drinking Coca Cola ten teaspoons of sugar hit your brain (100 percent of the daily recommended amount of sugar in your daily diet).

Twenty minutes after you drink a Coca Cola your blood sugar spikes causing an insulin outburst leading to the liver to turn that sugar into fat.

Within that same period of time, phosphoric acids bind calcium, magnesium and zinc in your lower intestine boosting your metabolism. It makes you want to pee. If you want to pee constantly, just drink this while you are permanently damaging your brain and other body parts. Coke will ultimately lead you to develop diabetes and after that you might have to have limbs removed and get on the kidney transplant list. It's a damn long list so good luck with that.

After 60 minutes you will have a sugar crash. Irritability and sluggishness set in. Now you have leached away all the water in your body because all that water was in the Coke. Since you just leeched the calcium out your body, your teeth and bones are now weakened.

However, if you have made it this far in my blog, note the event that got me to stop drinking Coke. I was driving on a hot day to get a Coke when I was not sure if I had enough change to purchase one. I looked down just long enough not to notice the "Y" in the road. I hit a post. I looked up, noted I was not injured but did not notice the post was slightly damaged. No one in all the SUVs around me even stopped to ask me if I was okay. I did not have my emergency cell phone with me and it likely would not have mattered.

That said, I drove to the nearest source of Coke and got one while a part of my car was dragging on the pavement. I drove home. I did hear in the parking lot someone utter, "Damn! Look at the chunk of her car dragging on the pavement! What the hell is wrong with her?"

I got home, called my auto insurance company and the agent and I were laughing for some reason. I got the car and pole repaired, my rate did not go up for some reason, and I stopped drinking Coke. This was pure luck. Other people are not so lucky when it comes to an addiction to anything. They just flat out die.

I finally lost some weight I had packed on to my small frame. The very bad part about that was I had given all of smaller clothes away in utter frustration over gaining those ten or so pounds during the five years I had been drinking Cokes.
Hi, my name is Alison and I have no control over my addiction to Coke. One day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time I don't drink Coke. Okay sponsor, I am going to come clean. About three times a year or more I have a Coke. I don't have them daily though. I know this will not earn me a chip, and I don't bloody care. Having a sobriety chip would be one more thing to store in my house. I am extremly clean and constantly haul things I have hauled into the house right out of the house. That's just another personal issue. Whatever.

My sincere apologies to the now repaired pole. AW

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