Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My day yesterday was like an episode of "30 Rock"

Tina Fey, the most hysterical comedian we have.


My entire day yesterday was like an episode of your extremely clever show "30 Rock." However, because I am delusional enough to think I might be capable of being as funny as you, I am going to start a Kindle book.

I don't know how to publish on Kindle, but my friend Ron does. If multiple people have been telling me I am hilarious since grade school, it might be true.

I also have a scar on my face. My English mum left me in the sun for maybe five minutes in Colorado when I was but a mere infant. Like many who visit Colorado, learning that the sun is very close to the earth there, lots of people end up in the emergency room. I would suggest reading travel guides online, Kindle or whatever was previoulsy published prior to this increasing age of digital stuff stumping luddites globally.

Some people do not appreciate my sense of humor. One or two people quite too near to me relatively speaking, find me obnoxious. They are lawyers. Being a lawyer is a shame, don't you think? There are enough lawyers in one building in Seattle than all of Japan. I do think this is why Japan is beating the crap out of us economically. We, as a nation, are too dumb to realize lawyers do not generate revenue, they suck it out of us in so many ways.

When I go for a walk I almost have to sign a waiver. It's absurd, Tina. By the way, I like using your name and picture on my blog because it gets a lot of hits. My blog is not important, you are. Lawyers aren't important either, but they sure think they are. Many teachers now have better incomes than lawyers. You'd think they'd get a clue, but they are often not that bright to be honest. -AW

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