Sunday, March 11, 2012

Attention to all of all faiths, including new age beliefs

Sleet stings when it's flying sideways!

It seems to me and others that the entire world is going up in flames or snow or today, in Washington State it is sleet.

All religions appear to be on the same page. It's weird or not weird. I am a Christian (oftentimes not a very good one though) and therefore think it is weird. I have no idea if this is the end times and think I should be so lucky to be living in the end times. (emphasis meaning I could not be so lucky as to be living in the end times---because the world has gone crazy before and it was not the end times).

One thing is for certain, these are weird times. Mortgages are upside down, people are getting evicted, hate groups are growing, and the middle east is exploding into war. Yet today I met many who have faith. What they said is similar to anything I have heard from any faith or even New Age group. Stay grounded, watch the news or don't, but if you do watch it in a detached not angry way. Do not let fear rule you and carry on. It is going to be okay.

However, something is going on out there and I certainly cannot explain it. -AW

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