Friday, April 20, 2012

Camus was Swanky and Sort of Dangerous

Swanky but perhaps a danger?
Dear five regular readers or so, today I write about Camus.

He's the type of man you'd find appealing because of his good looks, the sexy cigarette and again, his good looks. I pose this question though. Could Camus cook? Even if he could cook, did he ever actually cook?

As the writer in The New Yorker article I read about Camus, so many human beings are walking contradictions. Camus was snobbish and swanky in the way men sleep with many women at the same time are. I am certain none of these women knew this nor of the other women he was sleeping with. But wait, it gets worse.

Camus had no common sense. He readily made fun of the daily grind most people have to endure to merely survive. Most of my blogs tie back to me, thus proving I am also just obnoxious. Whatever.

I spent too much time with some professors once. Oh sure, the dancing in the gay bar was fun (in Montana), and the dissecting of the show "Seinfeld" was entertaining, but the one I was dating did not know where the oil cap was in his car engine. The oil light lit up indicating the car needed oil. The oil cap is clearly marked "oil." If read backwards it would be "lio." I was envisioning my future. A future filled with entertainment but probably no food.

I also spent an entire afternoon cleaning the rotten food and mold out of his kitchen. I am not with him. Thank the Lord above or I am certain I would still be in his kitchen disposing of rotting food. -AW

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