Saturday, April 21, 2012

If you sign about 500 legal waivers, you too can shoot an arrow.

Image: Jennifer Lawrence in 'The Hunger Games' (© Murray Close/Lions Gate)
At Wasson High School in Colorado, we had archery class.
One attorney for every 250 citizens in The United States of America.

What a useful group they are. Unemployed, under employed, over employed and just basically out of line. With the exception of those defending the innocent, like the ones who have made minor mistakes and our overworked prosecutors, the rest of them can just get a real job.

I like about four attorneys in the entire nation. However, I have not met them all. Then again, I must see at least ten a day.

I like our elected prosecutor here in Tacoma, Mark Lindquist. He is one of the good attorneys. Then again, he has other useful skills such as writing things other than legal briefs making him a fish out of water. I think he is fish that does not belong in Tacoma. However, it's mighty nice of him to bring the IQ rate up here in this town. -AW


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