Thursday, April 12, 2012

A playground on a horrifying crime scene site? What?

Playgrounds are not supposed to be haunted.
Brilliant idea of the day. Let's turn the Susan Cox Powell and the murder of her children into a  horrorific place for a playground. This is how it will turn out.

"Daddy, what does that sign mean?"

"Well, son. It means you are alive and some other kids lived in hell on earth."

"What does that mean, daddy?"

"Basically it means I am suing the county for doing this along with the rest of the constituents for being such assholes."

"Daddy, are you a lawyer?"

"No son. But I play one on TV. Besides that, my lawyer took it on contingency meaning she will get one third of the settlement plus costs. So did every civil attorney in the county."


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